General / 17 September 2022

When teams; support each other, show up consistently, have a clear mission and operate transparently... results and relationships consistently exceed expectations.

In over 200 interviews of teams, it was found that who was on the team mattered less than how those teams worked together. Below are some of the most important attributes.

1.  Safety

  • Rule number one: all ideas are welcome.
  • Create a space that allows teams to take risks without fear, and they won't be afraid to achieve more.
  • Spend our limited energy on solutions, not blame - we're all doing our best. (Hanlon's Razor)
  • On the journey to great we’re going to fail. Learn and move forward.

2.  Dependability

  • Bring your best self - you are contagious.
  • Accountability is a must, but everyone has off days. Support your teammates, you’ll appreciate it when they return the favor.
  • Being consistently respectful and helpful keeps everyone on track, together.

3.  Clarity

  • Be transparent with goals, roles and plans so we all move in the same direction.
  • Communicate thoughtfully, honestly, and more than may be necessary.
  • If a task, goal, or priority isn't understood well enough, it's unlikely to be successful.

4.  Purpose

  • Great work always matters to the team doing it.
  • Teams that don't understand the impact of their work won't go the extra mile.
  • If you care, the audience will too.